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Anonymous has asked: Do you have any pictures when Ellie was in Florida in her sexy bathing suit

Once again being on my phone is causing issues. But I’ve reblogged a couple of pictures just then. If you’d like me to upload a photoset/ more pictures let me know and I will tonight xx :)


Pre-show cocktail with @elliegoulding ☀️🌴🍹

So many swimsuits, so little time…

dweeb in flip flops #Miami
Anonymous has asked: i have the picture that i was wondering if u had. how can i attach a picture?

Hmmm I know that you can submit pictures. But I have no idea if I have that turned on…
Otherwise if you have a link to the picture I can reblog it :)

Anonymous has asked: do you know where i can get the picture of ellie in a bikini she was like on a beach chair and she was smiling i cant find it anywhere? ):

I’m not too sure what picture you mean lovely, unfortunately I’m at work so I can only use my phone and am having trouble trying to have a search… A few months ago I made a post with a bunch of Ellie in swimsuits which you can find here otherwise one of her most recent Instagram pictures perhaps? Which is this picture. Sorry I can’t be much more help, does anyone else know the picture? :)

Anonymous has asked: do you ship dellie? i love ellie soooo much shes my idol but dougie is not very good looking ellie has bad taste in men.

I am massive Dellie fab! I’ve loved Dougie for years & when I found out they were dating I was so excited.
Ellie seems happy with Dougie and that’s is all that matters really :)

Anonymous has asked: Do u have a twitter, Instagram Facebook etc?

My twitter & instagram are both @emmamaydowney :) x 

Anonymous has asked: If u had a choice to listen to any Ellie song for the rest of your life, what song will it be and why?

oh my goodness this question is almost impossible gahh!! The first song that came to my mind was Anything Could Happen, just because it’s my go to Ellie song to cheer me up and when I’m in a bad mood it’s also perfect for screaming out the lyrics… then again I really love My Blood and The Writer. I just have a connection with My Blood, it’s such a gorgeous song and the drums and the lyrics and I just ugh.. I can’t decide.. 

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